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CIRM creates an Audiovisual Mathematics Library

The Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques is launching an ’Audiovisual Mathematics Library’, a sophisticated platform built on a corpus of talks given by worldwide mathematicians during their stay at CIRM. This new tool provides the functionalities of a high level search applied to indexed and enriched videos.

Presentation and access here

Jean Morlet Chair 2016 - Call for applications

The new call for applications for a Jean Morlet semester in 2016 at CIRM is now open.
More information and the online application form are available at

New deadline 30 October 2014.

Jean Morlet Chair - New semester has started

Hans Georg Feichtinger from Vienna is holding the Jean Morlet Chair from August 2014 till the end of January 2015. He is working alongside a team of organizers and with Bruno Torresani from I2M as local project leader. Their programme of events will focus on ’Computational Time-Frequency and Coorbit Theory’ and is available to browse on the dedicated website here.

Current event(s)

From October 20 to October 31 2014

Prolate spheroidal wavelets and Compressed Sensing

From October 27 to October 31 2014

Jean Morlet Chair : Function Spaces and Harmonic Analysis

Upcoming events

From November 3 to November 7 2014

National Days of Computer Algebra

From November 10 to November 14 2014

Kinetic equations

From November 17 to November 20 2014

MoMaS conference

From November 24 to November 28 2014

Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry

From December 1 to December 5 2014

Algebra, Deformations and Quantum groups

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