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CIRM website for ICM 2014

To celebrate the presence of CIRM at ICM 2014, click to discover our yearly programmes and follow all CIRM and ICM news on our DEDICATED WEBSITE!

CIRM at ICM 2014

The International Congress of Mathematicians is taking place from 13 to 21 August in Seoul. For the first time CIRM has reserved its own exhibition booth there and will also represent INSMI-CNRS and SMF, its trustees. Follow our news on our new dedicated website!

Jean Morlet Chair: New Call

The new call for applications for a Jean Morlet semester in 2016 at CIRM is now open. More information is available on

Jean Morlet Chair: new semester starting

Hans Georg Feichtinger from Vienna has just arrived to hold the Jean Morlet Chair from August 2014 till the end of January 2015. He will be working alongside a team of organizers and with Bruno Torresani from I2M as local project holder. Their programme of events will focus on ’Computational Time-Frequency and Coorbit Theory’ and is available to browse on the dedicated website here where you can also register as participants.

Current event(s)

From August 25 to September 5 2014

Jean Morlet Chair : Coorbit Theory and Generalizations (Banach Frames)

From August 25 to September 5 2014

Spectral spaces

Upcoming events

From September 1 to September 12 2014


From September 5 to September 6 2014

Workshop on geometric analysis

From September 8 to September 12 2014

Advances in stochastic analysis for risk modeling

From September 15 to September 19 2014

Diophantine approximation and transcendence

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