Rigidity in dynamics and geometry

May, 21 - 25, 2007

Liste des participants


E. BEDFORD Indiana University, USA Automorphisms of rational surfaces with positive entropy ( arXiv: math./ 0611297v2 )
X. GONG University of Wisconsin, USA Real analytic submanifolds in Cn with parabolic complex tangents along a submanifold of codimension one
A. COFFMAN I.P.W.F., USA CR singularities and their unfoldings
D. ZAITSEV Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Embeddability of CR manifolds hyperquadrics
L. MOLINO Università di Parma, Italie Local dynamics of maps tangent tu the identity in C2
C. DUPONT Université Paris-Nord, France A Poincaré-Dulac theorem for compositions of contractions, application to dynamics
W. CRAIG McMaster University, Canada Invariant tori for Hamiltonian PDEs
H. ELIASSON Université Denis-Diderot, France KAM for the non linear Schrödinger equation
O. COSTIN Ohio State University, USA Borel summability and local
P. EBENFELT U.C.S.D., USA Mixed Cauchy problems for analytic partial differential operators
T. KAPPELER University of Zürich, Switzerland Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices with an even number of particles
E. LOMBARDI Université Paul-Sabatier, France Homoclinic connections, complex singularities and astronomer's summation
B. MALGRANGE Université Joseph-Fourier, France Théorie de Galois différentielle non- linéaire
S. DUMITRESCU Université Paris-Nord, France 3-dimensional Lorentz Geometries
B. MC KEY University College Cork, Ireland Smooth Projective Planes and Symplectic Topology
J. ROQUES Université Toulouse III, France Rational classification and confluence of regular singular difference systems and generalization to (q,h)-difference systems
A. GOGOLEV PennState University, USA Moduli of smooth conjugacy of Anosov diffeomorphisms of Tn, n>2
D. SAUZIN I.M.C.C.E.-CNRS, France On the quasianalyticity properties of spaces of monogenic functions suitable for one-dimensional small divisor problems
M. SHISHIKURA Kyoto University, Japon The rigidity of irrationally indifferent fixed points of holomorphic functions
F. MENOUS Université Paris-Sud, France Identity-tangent diffeomorphisms and their underlying structures
R. KRIKORIAN Univ. Pierre et Marie-Curie, France Quasi-periodically forced vector fields on the circle
P. LOHRMANN University of Zürich, Switzerland Stokes phenomena for Poisson structures
T. GRAMCHEV Università di Cagliari, Italie Gevrey divergent resonant normal forms for analytic vector fields having a fixed point and analytic integrable Hamiltonian systems
A. KATOK PennState University, USA KAM method in problems of rigidity for algebraic actions of higer rank abelian groups
D. FISHER Indiana University, USA A group action with singular deformation space
T.- C. DINH Univ. Pierre et Marie-Curie, France Equidistribution of subvarieties in complex dynamics

( arXiv : math / 0609686v2 and arXiv: math / 0703702v1 )

N. SIBONY Université Paris-Sud, France Unique ergodicity for holomorphic foliations in CP2